Fourth Draft of The Dreamwalkers is complete!

I’ve just put the finishing touches on the fourth draft of The Dreamwalkers.  My Dad went through it before Christmas and had some good feedback, and I retyped the entire thing.  I added over 6000 more words to the manuscript of extra description and clarification of events.  That is almost two full chapters worth of text considering the size of most of my chapters.

Soon… very soon it will be ready for public consumption.

NaNo Novel 2010

Another November come and gone.  This year I attended a lot more Write-Ins and spent a week in New Orleans doing my writing.  I think my best work was done at that Cafe in the French Quarter.

My final word count after a month was 55k, but I really did take it quite easy, and the last week didn’t see much writing at all.  Next year I think I’ll push myself towards 100k instead.

NaNoNovel 2010 Working Title: Sins of the Father

I’m looking for a new title though, so here is the general synopsis so far:

Ardan Trevail is the Crown Prince of a still unnamed Realm.  His father, Midran, is a tyrant.  He publically beats his son, executes people in the streets, and is generally the worst possible ruler for the Realm.  Raine Lamarque is a street rat and a thief who wishes she could have the life of luxury the people in the palace must have.  Neither of them know that their paths are about to cross.

When a member of the Azure Order, a secret organization supposedly in the employ of the King, approaches Raine, she is tasked with helping Prince Ardan perform an impossible task: to kill King Midran.  When they realize that Raine was hired a week before Ardan had even decided he must murder the King, their lives begin to spin out of control.

How can they solve the mystery surrounding Raine’s employment?  Who knew that Ardan was going to murder the king before even he did?  And how are they going to finally depose the tyrant now that Raine has been captured and sent ocross the ocean aboard a slave ship and Prince Ardan has been forced to flee the Realm to escape the magical imprisonment his father intended for him?

They must rescue one another, raise an army, and take back everything the King stole from them… finding true love along the way.

Excited to find out how it ends?  I am … I need to keep writing =)

The Dreamwalkers – Ready for Editing

This past weekend I put the finishing touches on the latest draft of The Dreamwalkers – now with 128% more awesomeness.  After NaNoWriMo last year, the novel clocked in at 65k words, and this revision has added another 13k, bringing it up to 78k or roughly 320 pages in paperback form.  I’ve got a couple of manuscript copies waiting to be picked up at the printers and then I’ve got a few victims who are willing to read though the work before I sent it to my editor.

I’m pretty stoked about getting that done, she’s got an artist lined up to do some awesome cover art as well.  There is one scene in the book I’d love to have immortalized – my heroine, glowing silver katana in hand, goes up against one of the Big Bads, a half man-half scorpion.  The scene itself was one of my favourites, and I hope it is yours too.

I’m looking for more volunteers to read the book, so if you’d like an advance copy (kindle or pdf), let me know and I’ll add you to the list.

The Photograph

I wrote a short story for the kids at the Yellowhead Youth Center.  It is a little dark, but it was fun to write.  I hope you enjoy it.

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The Dreamwalkers Update

Draft #3 of The Dreamwalkers is coming along nicely.  My new protagonist has found herself facing a more menacing villain than I initially planned – I think you’ll like her =)