Alessandra Bravio is in way over her head. It is impossible to prepare for final exams when you wake every night covered in blood. She is a Dreamwalker, able to physically enter her dreams. Everything that she experiences while sleeping is real, from the handsome Richard Tallman to the nightmares that threaten to shred her limbs each night.

There is something different about this Dreamwalker. The nightmares can sense it. Alessa could be the key that unlocks the door to their prison of dreams and unleashes them upon the waking world. Creatures of pure malevolence walk through the Dream, seeking to corrupt and feed in the terror of all who slumber.

Darkness closes in on the Dreamwalkers. The First Nightmares have returned. And they want out.

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  • The Dreamwalkers Cover Art
    A while ago I ran a contest at and had two amazing covers created for The Dreamwalkers. They are so very different, yet capture the essence of my novel perfectly. I hope these spiders invade your dreams tonight. TheDreamwalkersCoverThe Dreamwalkers - Giusy - No Back Text
  • Cover Art
    What do you think? The Dreamwalkers Cover

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